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Happy New Year - Much to look forward to!

Like the flowing waters of Ein Gedi we have much praise to give to our God for His provision and protection! 2020 was a struggle but as I have spent time talking with friends and family over the last month almost every one has explained their relationship with God has been strengthened this year. The business of life gave way to isolation and time to reconsider and reconnect with God. Of that the wonderful things that came from such a difficult year I think this is the biggest blessing.

My heart is to be close to God and bring others into His land to walk where our Savior walked and be where He was. My heart longs to be in the land and feel the Spirit in a very real way.

I cannot wait to show you this land in the hands of our trusted guide. The preparations are all arranged for our new dates in October. The trip will begin on October 4th and you will return with a brand new appreciation for our God and the Scriptures on the 15th of October.

I look forward to planning this great adventure with you! Please reach out if you have questions or want more information.

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